Access Control

Your business is made up of more than just your products. Keeping your employees, equipment, information, and more secure is vital to your success. Through access control solutions from Innovative Computers, you incorporate building security services that protect you, your employees, and your assets while maintaining functionality and efficiency.

Access Control Services

  • Programmable Door Locks: A main focus of your security is your entryways, ensure they are protected with programmable door locks. Our keyless solutions are more secure than standard keys because they can not be replicated and have the ability to be deactivated if lost or stolen. Our solutions include:

    • Key Card Access: Ensure your facility is protected through key card access. Only authorized personnel will be able to gain entry to either the entire building or to select portions through the swipe of a card. More secure than a standard key, key card access removes the risk of lockpicking, restricts/enables access, and provides accurate logs on which employees have entered the building.
    • Proximity Cards: With the inclusion of proximity cards to your access control system, you give your employees the freedom of opening doors, gates, and more by being within the proximity of the reader, allowing your crews to continue working while not inhibiting building security.
    • Key Fobs: Connect your gates, secure doors, garages, and more to key fobs for your employees. Programmable key fobs give you and your employees access to restricted locations when they are placed in proximity to the security system. Going beyond efficiency, key fobs are safer and more cost effective than standard keys. In the event an employee leaves the company or loses their fob, they are easily deactivated or reprogrammed.

  • Gate Sensors: Control access to your facility, restricted areas, or parking lots with gate sensors. Whether you program them to lock at specific times, require proximity cards to open, or have them open automatically upon entrance, you have the ability to determine the level of security at your business.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Prevent crime and secure your facility with the installation of surveillance cameras. Our teams work with you to design, install, and manage your system, making sure to carefully monitor sensitive areas including parking lots, entryways, and more. With remote access and video recording, you can rest assured your assets, employees, and equipment are safe.
  • And More

  • Once your system has been installed, you own your equipment, there are no rental or monthly fees. Our access control teams work with you to determine the right security systems, install, programs, and manage your solutions. With reliable security measures in place at your facility, not only will you have peace of mind but so will your employees.

    At Innovative Computers, we are a full service company that stands by all our products. We provide a full one year warranty on all hardware and a complete 90 day warranty on our installations.

    Your business is important to you, keep it protected with an access control system, call or contact us today.