Client Software Support

The right client software will do your work for you; at Innovative Computers, we have the same goal for your company. Our client software support services aim to be proactive and not reactive. We provide you with effective solutions by monitoring your system to find the issues before they manifest into malfunctions.

Having a professional, experienced team protects your company before your client software goes down, securing the safety and the efficiency of your office. We resolve the majority of your issues directly over the phone with remote access. When needed, our team goes directly to your site to troubleshoot, repair, or replace the corrupted software.

Supported Client Software

  • Microsoft Office 365: You utilize word, excel, and more everyday. At Innovative Computers we provide reliable support when your Microsoft Office 365 malfunctions. We are the mediator between you and Microsoft, ensuring your issues are troubleshooted and repaired quickly and effectively.
  • Customer ERP: Enterprise resource planning is software that is typically utilized by assemblies, factories, or manufacturing corporations. This software allows your business to integrate various functions into one, easy to use system. We provide you with reliable customer ERP software support, monitoring, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting, to ensure your business is running smoothly.
  • CRM: It is vital to keep your client’s information safe, secure, and accessible. At Innovative Computers, we provide support for your customer relations management software, ensuring that your programs are monitored, troubleshooted, and upgraded when needed.
  • SaaS Management: Purchasing and hosting CRM software can be expensive and time consuming. We have the capacity and the capabilities to provide you with SaaS software solutions. Our company will host, manage, and update your software, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Accounting Software: Keeping your books, receipts, payroll, taxes, and more up to date is convenient with the right accounting software. We have the skills and the expertise to install, monitor, and troubleshoot the following:
    • Thomson Reuters
    • CSA Creative Solutions Accounting
    • File Cabinet
    • Drake
    • BS&A
    • Quickbooks
  • Open Source: When it comes to utilizing open source software, you are granted access to the system for free; however, there is no available tech support. At Innovative Computers, we will download the software and become familiar with it before we ever upload it to your company’s computers. By familiarizing ourselves with the information, we are able to provide you with troubleshooting and management solutions for your open source systems.
  • Software that you use for your day to day tasks is important to the efficiency of your corporation. When your software malfunctions, we are able to fix the majority of your issue remotely, allowing us to repair your software without tying up your company machines.

    If we are unable to fix the malfunction remotely, we schedule a time that is convenient for your company, eliminating as many disruptions to your business as possible. With 24-hour emergency service, you can rest assured that your issues will be taken care of the moment they occur, protecting your software and the security of your information.

    For client software support that you can rely on, 24 hours a day, call or contact us today.