Offsite Data Redundancy

Sometimes disasters happen—and sometimes absolutely ludicrous disasters happen. Though it is already improbable that both a client’s network and Innovative Computer’s network would go down at the same time, losing both the original and backed-up version of a customer’s information, we at IC don’t take chances. That’s why we provide a third level of protection for our clients in the form of off site redundancy.

file folders

In the nearly impossible case that both a client’s data and IC’s backups would be compromised at the same time, our systems are regularly backed up by our custom backup solutions to an offsite server: a backup of your backups, if you will. This ensures that, no matter what happens, you will always be able to access copies of your needed data, even in the ultimate crisis; just one more way IC goes beyond for our clients. Call or contact us today for offsite data redundancy services you can trust.