Network Wiring Installation

It happens; your network needs a physical overhaul. Sometimes internal rearrangement or old Ethernet wiring needs to be physically replaced. Whether you need the network wiring in your current building restructured or you have moved into an older building whose cabling is no longer sufficient, we can come in and help you rebuild the backbone of your network.

Our Innovative Computer technicians are capable of running any cabling from Coax to Cat6, speaker lines, fiber lines, switch replacements, installing ports— whatever your company requires. If you aren’t sure what that is, we can help there, too. Our consultation services are available to help evaluate and design the optimum wiring configuration for your building and your company’s needs.

Don’t settle for inefficient wiring or let the physical restraints of your building dictate your network needs. Contact us and we’ll help you get the network wiring you need in your business today.