Data breaches are an increased security risk for many businesses. With the rise of ransomware viruses, cyber criminals are attacking sensitive business information. Having your information protected is a necessity. With our encryption services, you are able to send and receive information throughout your network without the fear of outside threats.

Benefits of Encryption

  • Protects your data: Your stored information is secured and protected through our encryption solutions. Without the key, unauthorized personnel are unable to access, interpret, or utilize your information.
  • Safely send / receive information: Because your business accounts, customer databases, and employee information is protected through encryption, you can safely and confidently send sensitive information throughout your network without fear of data breaches or interception.
  • Retain privacy and confidentiality: As a business, you are responsible for the safekeeping of private or confidential information including, employee social security numbers, client information, bank transactions, and more. Without encryption, these files could be at risk for exposure. Our team retains your business, customer, and employees’ privacy by ensuring your data is unintelligible to any unauthorized users.

With the right encryption, your data is scrambled and decrypted making it indecipherable to anyone outside your network. Even if cyber threats are able to break into your secure network, your information can not be stolen or used for ransom. As your IT department, Innovative Computers makes your security our top priority.

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