Network Support & Installation

Network security should be of the highest importance for any business. Without a secure network, your business’ important data and the personal data of your clients can be at risk. Innovative Computers can help you evaluate your network needs and design & install a network for your business that will not only allow you to communicate internally, but that is safe from outside threats.


Our well-designed networks take in several important factors to provide you with the best possible working network for your business. We consider not only how many people will need to be connected and your security requirements but also other, less obvious but equally important factors:

Will your network need wifi? Will you need a separate Guest wifi that allows visitors to browse but keeps your internal data secure? Is your building large, and will need several integrated access points to provide steady connection on every floor? Other IT businesses might not consider these day-to-day concerns when installing your network, but Innovative Computers is always looking for the chance to go above & beyond for our customers.

We also provide Domain Name Server support and set-up to help improve efficiency with already-installed network systems. If you are experiencing dead-spots, low-connectivity problems, or a severe lack of efficiency with your DNS hardware & software, let us know. Our network specialists are here to ensure that your networks are working with you, not against you.