History of Innovative Computers

From 1996 to 2000, in order to meet a growing customer demand IC started creating relational databases using Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic.  Innovative Computers continued to grow from custom databases and desktop applications to hardware and network support. IC soon became proficient in Novell (at the time) and Microsoft NT Server. IC rapidly gained experience and certifications to support these technologies. IC quickly discovered many small companies with stand-alone computers. IC offered solutions that would allow our customers the opportunity to fully automate processes and increase efficiency. This collaborative effort was a significant benefit to customers because it provided software solutions as well as network and technical staff to support it. From that time forward IC has remained a cutting edge organization offering creative solutions to meet multiple business needs.

Through collaborative efforts with small and mid-size companies, IC was able to offer customers the opportunity to grow and develop their own software solutions along with a network to support it. IC¿s customer base would continue to grow as a result of their satisfaction with our willingness to go outside of the box to meet their needs. 

In 2000, Innovative Computers incorporated as Business Innovations and assumed the name Innovative Computers. Their clients have grown from a single customer with simple needs to large international companies with multi-node WANs and complex network, computer and software needs.

From 2000 to 2009 Innovative Computers would continue to serve its customer base on multiple IT fronts that today include housing several of our own servers in a state of the art data center, running various operating systems including Windows Server 2003/2008 and several distros of Linux. IC also offers hosting for several different Web Applications including multiple CRMs, ERP applications, full calendar and email services.