Innovative Computers provides leading edge technology as well as a comprehensive consulting service. We have proven experience with commercial companies and government municipalities. As a Microsoft partner, we will remain on the forefront of computer network technology by staying committed to utilizing the latest proven technology for businesses. We can analyze your entire business, then design, build, install and maintain the technology to help your organization achieve its goals. Our staff is continually being provided education on emerging technologies, and is proficient in Microsoft SQL, MySQL, RDBMSs, Oracle, Visual Basic, C++, Java, and Perl Programming Languages, PHP, ASP, Javascript, Flash, .NET, MFC, ATL and VCL Application Frameworks, DCOM, CORBA, and SOAP Distributed Process Technologies.

The following are just some of the services Innovative Computers offers:
  • Consulting Services
  • Custom Software Development
  • Network Services
  • Information Security
  • Systems Integration
  • Website Development
  • Desktop Support
  • Network Support
  • Cabling